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Why Choose Caltrate®?

#1 Calcium Supplement
in the world++

  • Doctor recommended
  • Most trusted++ calcium supplement brand
  • Among the top most clinically studied calcium brands in the world
  • Thirty years of history in supporting bone health — evolving with advances in nutritional science

key nutrients to help
support bone health*

  • Highest levels of vitamin D3 to help nourish stronger, healthier bones.*
  • Collagen stimulating Plus Minerals formula for more flexible bones.*^
  • Most concentrated form of calcium+++
  • Calcium plays an important role in bone, nerve, hormone, and muscle health*

Specially formulated with your needs in mind

  • Easy to swallow option: Plus Minerals Minis 35% smaller
  • Fun forms & flavors: Delicious Gummy Bites and great tasting Soft Chews
  • Dietary preferences: Non-dairy formulas††
  • Great for teens!



Caltrate products are
available at a variety of retail
stores and online.

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