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Caltrate® For Your Bones and Beyond

Caltrate® For Your Bones and Beyond

Caltrate® Helps Support Bone Health & More

Caltrate® helps you build stronger, healthier bones every day. But that's only the beginning. The calcium found in Caltrate is a multi-tasker, playing a role in supporting essential body functions throughout your life.*



Plays a role in stimulating hormone secretions*
Calcium plays a critical role in hormone secretions. Our calcium levels are maintained under tight regulation. In the blood, hormones regulate this balance. If calcium levels are low or high, hormones are secreted or suppressed.


Plays a role in maintaining healthy teeth*
Calcium helps build and maintain healthy, strong teeth. Both baby and adult teeth need calcium to grow and develop. Calcium can also help protect against tooth loss associated with age.*


Plays a role in muscle contraction*
Thanks to the role calcium plays in the muscle contraction process, with adequate calcium, through stimulation, your muscle fibers are able to contract properly when stimulated. This includes both skeletal and cardiac muscle. This important role for calcium helps explain why the body takes calcium from the bone when dietary intake levels fall short.*


Plays a role in sending nerve impulses*
Calcium facilitates the transmission of messages through the nervous system, transmitting impulses so nerve fibers can share information.*


Plays a role in activating enzymes*
Calcium is needed to serve as a chemical signal for biological functions in the body such as activating enzymes vital to enabling your blood to clot properly.*

early life bone building

Plays a role in early life bone building*
Helps build stronger bones early in life*
Calcium is the main building block of bones. Ninety-nine percent of the calcium we consume is stored in our bone warehouse; the more we have earlier in life, the more we can borrow when our bodies need it later in life.*

maintaining bone strength

Plays a role in maintaining peak bone mass*
Throughout life, bones are constantly remodeling: Old cells are reabsorbed, and new bone is formed. As early as our 30s, we may start to lose bone. Consuming a healthy diet that provides adequate calcium and performing regular, weight-bearing exercise are important ways to help your body reach maximum bone mass and strength.*


Plays a role in the blood-clotting process*
Calcium plays an important role in the blood-clotting process, and our bodies need calcium to support this process.*