Caltrate® 600+D3 Plus Minerals


Nothing has more vitamin D3 than Caltrate®
to help nourish stronger, healthier bones.*

Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub> Plus Minerals
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Caltrate® 600+D3 Plus Minerals

Product Information
Caltrate 600+D3 Plus Minerals provides calcium & vitamin D3, plus extra mineralsˆ to stimulate collagen production for stronger more flexible bones. Additionally, Caltrate Plus Minerals has the highest level of vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption that supports healthy bones, joints, and muscles.*


Dual Benefit Formula:*
  • Calcium for Bone Strength
  • Minerals for Flexibility


Also available in a great–tasting chewable tablet.

Suggested Use
Take one tablet up to two times daily with food or as directed by your physician. Not formulated for use in children.
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Caltrate® 600+D3 PLUS Minerals

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Suggested Use: Adults: Take one (1) tablet up to two times daily with food or as directed by your physician. Take with a full glass of water. Not formulated for use in children.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Tablet

Amount Per Tablet   % Daily Value
Vitamin D3 800 IU   200%
Calcium 600 mg   60%
Magnesium 50 mg   13%
Zinc 7.5 mg   50%
Copper 1 mg   50%
Manganese 1.8 mg   90%
Boron 250 mcg   *
*Daily Value not established.

LBL Document Number: LBL-00000088 (Version 10.0)




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Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub>

Calcium with the most vitamin D3  to help maximize calcium absorption.*

600+D<sub>3</sub> Soft Chews

Tasty and convenient way to nourish your bones.*

Easy and delicious way to help get the calcium and vitamin D3 healthy bones need.*

Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub> Plus Minerals

Caltrate has calcium plus collagen-supporting minerals to help your bones stay strong and flexible.*

600+D<sub>3</sub> Plus Minerals Chewables

Calcium with vitamin D3 plus magnesium and other essential minerals in an on-the-go, delicious chewable tablet.

Calcium in its most concentrated form

Nutrients essential for healthy bones*

Vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption*

Magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese to help stimulate collagen production*
Flavored chewable

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