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    UC-II® to promote joint flexibility plus calcium, vitamin D3 and other minerals^ for strong, flexible bones—all in one daily tablet.*


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    Calcium is an essential part of bone health, but it also plays a role in your hormones, nerves and muscles.*


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    The calcium, vitamin D3 and other minerals^ you need to help support collagen production for stronger, more flexible bones*—all in an easy-to swallow tablet.


Our Products

Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub>

The most vitamin D3 to help you maximize calcium absorption*

Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub> Soft Chews

Tasty and convenient with vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption.*

Caltrate® Gummy Bites

Delicious gummy bites provide calcium plus vitamin D3 in three delicious fruity flavors


 Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub> Plus Minerals

Added essential minerals help support collagen production*^

Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub> Plus Minerals Chewables

All the benefits of Caltrate® 600+D3 Plus Minerals in a chewable tablet


 Caltrate® 600+D<sub>3</sub> Plus Minerals Minis

Caltrate® 600+D3 Plus Minerals in an easy-to-swallow tablet


NEW! Caltrate® Bone & JointHealth*

Maintain strong bones and support flexible joints with just one tablet daily*

Add ¼ cup of milk to your soup
for an added calcium boost!

Try this fresh and fruity shake packed with protein and calcium.


Find out if you’re getting enough calcium for your bones with the Calcium Calculator.


You probably know that calcium is important to your bone health. But did you know that vitamin D plays a crucial role, too? In fact, not getting enough vitamin D may reduce the calcium absorbed from food alone.